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Do you need to be motivated by new horizons?

Many candidates we work with are surprised at the specialised and personalised focus we offer each engagement.  A sourcePEOPLE consultant will often travel to meet with you at a time and location that suits you.  It’s all about building an understanding of your employment objectives.

We have a very clear picture of the types of roles and functions that go to make up a successful position or project.  We are interested in not only the immediate placement but where you see yourself positioned over the next few years.  Are you looking for more complex assignments or roles?  Has the current role lost the challenge for you and you need to be motivated by a new horizon? 

SourcePEOPLE actively seek out contact referrals and candidates with a proven track record in roles such as;

  • "C" Level Candidates (CEO. CIO, CFO)
  • Programme, Project Director / Manager
  • Business / Change Analysts
  • Technology Professioanls
  • Consultants
  • Healthcare Professionals including General Practitioners (GP's)
  • People with a passion for Not-for-Profit

We take the time to understand the type of environment in which you thrive and are challenged. Most of our placements are in the corporate or industry area where candidates are looking for rewards that match their level of contribution.  We look for the role that will match your skills and ability to achieve projects on time and on budget, while knowing you are contributing to the business and team objectives.