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independent recruitment and careers consultancy

Our clients value our level of independence and industry expertise

SourcePEOPLE is an independent recruitment and career consultancy offering a comprehensive and flexible relationship based service.

We understand there can be a risk associated with outsourcing your recruitment process. Will the candidate fit in with the team? How will a project role fit in with the current culture? New positions may have been created causing you to back-fill with either contract or permanent staff. Which is the most appropriate for the short or long term?

For SourcePEOPLE, knowing what is important to stakeholders is the launching pad for building trust during the engagement process. The value we offer clients comes from our complete focus on a number of industries and specific functions within those industries. By using our SourceMETHOD we offer a high degree of transparency during the selection process. At times our consultant may provide a fixed fee service to supplement your recruitment process by establishing a small number of steps from our methodology. This unique engagement may be used to support your own internal recruitment processes, while at the same time building a longer term relationship for future engagements.